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Expert Psychotherapy and Counseling

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Is your marriage on the verge of a break up? Are you having trouble maintaining your family relationships? Come to Lean On Me, Inc. in Idaho Falls, ID for expert counseling. Our counselors are certified and experienced to put broken relationships and marriages back on track. We believe that every individual deserves to lead a happy and satisfying life. Our psychotherapists will get to the root of your problem to show you the way.

Family Counseling
and Rehabilitation

In our endeavor to make this world worth living for the depressed, we analyze psychosocial aspects of our clients and their families. After an in-depth analysis, we come up with a rehabilitation program to add zeal and motivation to our clients' lives.

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Do not let relationships, events and situations spoil your life. Get help from professionals and start living a life you really deserve. Call us for a counseling session.

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